Yuwell Multifunctional Stethoscope Professional Head Medical Equipment Heart Rate Dual Estetoscopio Health Care Tools


SKU: 33007790565
  • Model Number: Multifunctional Stethoscope
  • Brand Name: YUWELL
  • Type: Double head stethoscope
  • Detector Fetal: Acoustic clarity
  • Listen to: Heart, lung, intestines blood flow
  • Suitable for: Home or medical use
  • Medical: Single/Dual
  • Medical equipment: Doctor or veterinary

Product Description

Name:Multifunctional stethoscope

Packing:In box 

Package included:1 set stethoscope(with box and English instructions)


  • Full Copper and quality Medical rubber 
  • Double head stethoscopy and inspissate guide tube
  • Suitable for Heart , lung , intestines blood flow
  • Closed sillica gel earphone
  • Professional clinical stethoscope for doctors and nurses ,home medical