Women Health Care Bra 3d Breast muscle Massage motor Chest Stimulus Device Electric Infrared magnetic heat vibrating Enlargement


SKU: 4000104953620
  • Brand Name: RAINOPO
  • Material: Cotton, ABS
  • Size: Medium
  • Application: Breast
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Model Number: breast massager




Magic Brassiere is a high-tech product for breasts-promoting in the world. Adopting the physical principle, the Brassiere can boost the breasts to grow up scientifically, safely and effectively, which enable you have a health and proud breasts. Whats more, it can prevent the breast disease, regulate womens endocrine effectively. It has double function of breasts-promoting and health care.
First :To lift the breast and prevent pendulous breast effectively at the same time Make your breasts abnormality fullness  and flexible .  
Second:Providing breasts enough nutrition and blood containing enough oxygen, which will improves the connective tissue,effetively dredging the blood vessel,remove stagnation,effectively remove mammary gland disease,prevent breast prolapse, relaxation and deformation.  
Third:  microcomputer control vibration massage, promote the blood circulation, stimulate breast leaf development,  According to the human body engineering design, comfortable, streamline personal appearance.  
Fouth:  physics principle massage breast enhancement, unique breasts disk and far infrared material combination of breast, breast tissue cells, activate vigor and improving the body of the female hormone, accelerate blood circulation, breast milk, standing in the body. As you shape plump moving milk!!!!!!!!!!  
Fifth: experiments prove it  doesn`t contain any hormone, no side effects!  
Usage steps and notice:  
1 vibration  
A: with A clean towel to clean the massage bra, you can choose to wear A bra massage in breast, close-fitting wear bra in the clothes wear or breast size, and according to the regulation of massage bra.  
B: Turn the power switch controller to vibration,  green light corresponding vibration modes. Pull the intensity switch, dynamic controller can choose freely: strong, middle or weak three vibration modes. Pull to close state, green consume ceased to vibrate.  
C: it will automatic shutdown after fifteen minutes ,  switch power to pull off position, power to vibration pull switch position can be restarted.  
Item Type: Breast Enhancement
Package weight: 0.622 kg  
Product Size ( L x W x H ): 40.00 x 14.00 x 8.00 cm / 15.75 x 5.51 x 3.15 inches  
Package Size ( L x W x H ): 42.00 x 25.00 x 13.00 cm / 16.54 x 9.84 x 5.12 inches  
Package Content:
1 x Breast Massager
1 x Remote Control
1 x Strap
1 x Manual