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  • Brand Name: HaiMaiYi
  • Model Number: Nebulizer 1

Item specifics

1. Scientific design: Hand-held ultrasonic, compact and lightweight, easy to carry out, easy to atomize anytime, anywhere
2. Function setting: multi-purpose, atomized inhalation, indoor humidification, cleansing beauty
3. Large atomization: Multi-functional product design, light touch switch, adjustable atomization size, fine atomized particles, easy to absorb.
4. Material: The shell is made of thick ABS material, which is resistant to transportation and not easy to break.
5. Atomization: Enjoy the atomization, healthy breathing, asthma and heat, cough and phlegm.
6. Beauty effect: Beauty skin care, clear and dry.
7. Purification: Neutralize static electricity and reduce skin infections.
8. Deficiency effect: Aromatherapy effect, remove fatigue, reduce stress, promote sleep, soothe body and mind.
9. Atomization mode: Two kinds of atomization methods can be selected depending on the situation, that is, mask atomization (divided into human and child masks) and mouthpiece atomization
10. Flashing light: Green light means normal operation, red light means no battery or electricity
11. Independent components: Independent atomizing components, easy to clean, one-button disassembly, easy to clean and disinfect, avoid cross infection
12. Advantages: Large atomization, quiet design, hand-held, easy to carry
Item Name: Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Power: AC 100-240V
Operating Voltage: DC12V
Ultrasonic Frequency: 2.2MHz
Size of Atomized Partice: 0.5-5 Micron
Capacity Of Cup: 10ml
Vessel Capacity: 25ml
Automization volume 0.375ml/min: 20 mins timeing automatically
Automization volume 0.5ml/min: 10 mins timeing automatically

The better way use about 20-60 degrees hot water pour into big cup when you first time use it, only can be use clear water.
The machine itself does not have the heating function.

Package Include (original packing):
– 1 x atomizer
– 1 x connecting tube
– 1 x adult mask
– 1 x children’s mask
– 2 x atomized mouthpiece
– 5 x medicine cup
– 1 x seal ring
– 1 xDC12V transformer (US or European standard optional)
– 1 x English User Manual
– 1 x color box

Operation instruction:

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