Thailand Nasal Inhaler Poy Sian Mark 2 Ii Nasal Smell Dizziness Inhaler Bracing Breezy Asthma Refreshing Aroma Oil Stick


SKU: 32852751545
  • Brand Name: ZB
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: Thailand Nasal Inhaler Poy
  • Material: Inhaler Poy Sian
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation




Product Description

 Two ways to use
 1, Used to cover the forehead or hands
 2. Used to cover  relieve rhinitis 
 Decription : 
 In Thailand, almost everyone has one nasal inhaler. One side is nasal tube, another side is essential oil! It can be used for preventing heatstroke in summer and flu and colds in winter! it's suitable for use all the year round!
 The ends of each tube are rotary designed. The above one is used to directly inhaled, can be used for relieving nasal congestion and refreshing! The following one is used to apply to the affected area, effectively relieve motion sickness, headache and prevent mosquito bites.
          – Relief of dizzy, giddy, or in a whirl of your head. 
          – Clear your airways & clean your breathiness. 
          – Rub your temple on each side of head.
          – Help feeling sleepy & make you freshness.
 Best Functions: Anti Fatigue ,Cure Stuffy, anti Nose Runny and Nose Rhinitis
 How to use : 
          Take a breathe with Poy-sian as needed
 Ingredients : Menthol 42.0% Camphor 16.4% Eucalyptus oil 8.5% Borneol 6.1%




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