Sumifun 1box Scorpion Analgesic Ointment Body Joint Pain Cream Muscle Sprain Pain Ointment Chinese Herbal Medical Plaster K10009


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  • Brand Name: Sumifun
  • Model Number: K10009
  • Application: Body

Product Name: Sumifun Analgesic Ointment
Net Weight: 20g/pcs
Shelf Year: 2 years
Storage: Sealed, protected from light, stored in a cool and dry place.
Package Including : 1pcs ointment with retailing box/1pcs ointment without retailing box

Main Ingredients:
Stretched Grass.Safflower.Salvia .Angelica.Woody.Wormwood.Licorice.Wujiapi.Schisandra.Honeysuckle.Glycerol.White Vaseline.Stearic Acid.Cetostearyl Alcohol.Methylparaben.Hydroxyethyl Ester.Borneol.Chlorhexidine Acetate.Water.

Scope of use:
It is suitable for sub-healthy people with neck, shoulder, waist, leg and joint pain.

Wash the affected area with warm water,then apply appropriate amount of this product to the affected part evenly , and gently knead for a moment to make it fully absorbed, 2-3 times daily.

1.External supplies, do not let it into the mouth and eye.
2.Use with caution for those of skin allergy and pregnant women.
3.Place the product in a place where children are not easy to contact.
4.This product is not a substitute for drugs.