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SKU: 32970726643
  • Brand Name: OLIECO
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Name: Ultrasonic Nebulizer
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • For people: Adult and children
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 2.2 MHZ
  • Size of Atomized Particle: 0.6-5 Micron
  • Capacity of cup: 10 ML
  • Vessel capacity: 25 Ml
  • Operating voltage: DC12v
  • package: Nasal Wash Cleaner or Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Adult Children Ultrasonic Nebulizer or Nasal Wash Cleaner Asthma Portable Automizer Inhaler Ultrasonic Nebulizer Home Health

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Product parameters :

Name :Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Input Voltage : AC 100-240V

For people :adult and children

Ultrasonic frequency :2.2 MHZ

Size of Atomized Particle :0.6-5 Micron

Capacity of cup :10 ML

Vessel capacity :25 Ml

Atomization volume 0.375ml/min :20mins timing automatically

Atomization volume 0.5ml/min :10mins timing automatically

Operating voltage : DC12v


Features :

※Quiet treatment .

※Two airflow control .

※Compact and portable .

※Suitable for all ages .

※Lightweight (under 0.5kg).

※DC adapter include.


How to use :

Please refer to the instruction manual .


Notice :

1.Please be more carefully use in the flammable environment .

2.Do not use the machine in wet condition and do not incline the machine body when using .if the machine immerge in water inadvertently ,please cut off the power at once,and send  it to the dealer to guarantee it in good repair .

3.The best atomized temperature in the water vessel is 30 degree.when the water temperature in water vessel is less than 20℃,please replace it with under 40℃ warm water.

4.The machine body will got damage when there is no water in medicine cup and water vessel .it will stop working automatically if don't fill water into vessel .

5.In addition to put in water ,other liquid should not put in the water vessel.

6.If the medicine cup is damaged ,please stop using it .

7.When you stop the process of using ,please brush your teeth.


Product parameter :

Name :Nasal Wash Cleaner

Colour : Blue

Two tips : Single orifice nozzle for adult / Three-hole nozzle for children

capacity : 300ml


Features :

1.This product is suitable for routing nasal irrigation ,or daily nasal care for individuals who inhale large amount of dust due to occupational reasons.

2.The product is simple to operate and easy to carry .It is an ideal choice for personal daily care.

3. for your nose doing yoga and preventing allergic rhinitis.


How to use :

1. If use the YT-300(300ml) model, pour a package of 2.7g nasal wash salt into the water bottle ,then add warm water to the 300ml mark .

2. If use the YT-500(500ml) model ,pour a package of 4.5g nasal wash salt into the water bottle ,then add warm water to the 500ml mark .

Make sure water temperature is around 37℃.It should feel lukewarm if touched by finger tips .Mix nasal wash salt  thouroughly until completely dissolved ,and then tighten the cap.

3. Choose the correct nozzle :Be sure to select the child nasal wash tip for children .Children cannot use adult tip.

4. Correct posture :Have your upper body leaning forward , looking down ,and with head slightly leaning no side ,Hold bottle upside down ,and gently insert the tip into one nostril .Relax ,open mouth slightly and breath (through mouth ) .DO NOT hold your breath .DO NOT breath through nose .Press the valve button at the bottom of the water bottle (Figure 1),and the solution will automatically flow .DO NOT squeeze the water bottle . Rinse solution will enter the nostril and bathe the nose and sinus and exit the other nostril .When finishing washing one nostril ,release the button to stop the solution .Rotate to wash both nostrils.



we will give you one nasal rinse mix as a gift ,

Nasal wash is based on human nasal internal physiological structure characteristic for product design, experts recommendregular cleaning of the nasal cavity within the nasal cavity to remove dirt, pollen, postoperative residue, dust, etc. have a good effect to help, an individual daily nasal care and care of practical products.

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Include :

1x  Portable Nebulizer   or  Nasal Wash Cleaner  (when you order it , please look at the piture )



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