Mini Handheld Portable Inhaler Nebulizer Silent Ultrasonic Children Adult Atomizer Asthma 3μm Medical grade Liquid Atomization


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  • Brand Name: JOULLI
  • Model Number: Mini Handheld portable Inhaler Nebulizer
1.Advanced vibrating mesh technology, medical-level nebulizer.Easy operation for home and office use. 
2.Help relieve respiratory symptoms of cold, sore throat, cough, laryngitis, 3.bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma etc.
4.Ultra silent when operated, <30dB sound.
5.MMAD 3-5um fine mist, penetrate deep into upper & lower respiratory tract, 6.throat, alveoli, bronchus.
7.High-efficiency, take full advantage of medicine and steady mist spraying.
8.Automatically stop working if no medicine in bottle.
9.Available to adults, aged people, infants and children must under adults supervision.Equip with aseptic packaged adult mask, child mask and mouthpiece.
10.Handheld design, portable to carry.
11.CE, ROHS and ISO approved, good quality guaranteed.
1.Power Source : 
DC 3V±10% (AA*2 Alkaline Battery not included)
or AC adapter Input:100~240V,50/60 Hz,Output:3V~5V DC, 1~2A(not included) 
2.Safety Grade :BF 
.3Power Consumption :Approx.1.5W 
4.Vibration Frequency :Approx.120KHz 
5.Nebulization Rate :0.2ml/min minimum 
6.Medicine Temperature: ≤60℃ 
7.Working Voice: ≤50dB 
8.Particle Size: 5μm±25% 
9.Medicine Capacity :8ml maximum,0.5ml minimum 
1) Do not wipe the Main Unit with other volatile liquid, such as Benzene or Thinner. 
2) Do not rinse or immerse the Main Unit in any liquid.
This nebulizer supports automatic cleaning. Press and hold the switch for 5 seconds. The nebulizer enters automatic cleaning for 10 minutes.
It is recommended to turn on automatic cleaning after each use.
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