MHKBD Medical Stethoscope Cardiology Head Estetoscopio Detector Fetal Heart Rate Veterinary Professional Equipment Doctor


SKU: 32914510888
  • Model Number: Style A
  • Brand Name: YUWELL
  • Main material: Steel,plastic pipe,spring piece
  • Auscultation head material: Copper
  • Catheter length: Three links to the head about 50cm
  • Auscultation head diameter: 36cm

Product Description

Name:Single stethoscope

Pack:In plastic box

Package included:1 set stethoscope


1). Quality brass heed.clear & Precise sound.
2). The tube adopt with quality PVC,elastic and strength.
3). Equiped with bell shaped head
4). It can be used to listen to intestines and blood flow in arteries and veins.
5). In combination with a sphygmomanometer(not included), it can be used for measurements of blood pressure.
6). The copper head is durable and picks up sound effectively.
7). Professionals can use the bell head to listen to fetal heart.
8). Dual-leaf spring is more durable and adjusts to different sizes for better fit.
9). Dual-lumen acoustic tubing decreases sound attenuation and ensures sound quality.​


1). Frequency response curve: 500-1000Hz
2). Earpiece elasticity: 1.372-1.960N
3). Hardness of leaf spring: HR15N82.9-88.4
4). Attenuation ≤ 12dB, 500-1000Hz ≤20dB
5). PVC tube: latex-free