Medicine Bottle 6ML Health Care Tank Allergy Inhaler Medical Atomized Cup Air Compressor Nebulizer Home Aerosol Medication


SKU: 4001231644857
  • Brand Name: XceeFit
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Model Number: SD-11
  • Name 1: Allergy Inhaler
  • Name 2: Medical Atomized Cup
  • Name 3: Air Compressor Nebulizer
  • Name 4: Medicine Bottle
  • Name 5: Health Care Tank
  • Name 6: Home Aerosol Medication
  • Colour: Transparent
  • capacity: 2 ml- 6ml
  • diameter: 18.8 mm
Product parameters:
Material: food grade PP plastic,CE certification
Cup diameter: 18.8 mm
Atomization effective capacity: 2 ml- 6ml
Bottom of the cup caliber: cylindrical, 6.5 mm
Application: For replacement atomizer cup of compressor nebulizer.

The scope of products:
1 Suitable for air compressor nebulizer, the use of hydraulic may form a 5 micron particle atomization, common in Europe, US regulations, British regulations, GB. 
2 Nebulizer nebulizer cup is commonly used supplies from non-toxic PP material (PP material is generally used to make boxes, cups, medical supplies, etc.) are made.
3 we recommend one cup, can not be used interchangeably to avoid secondary infections! Repeated use is not recommended in order to avoid the occurrence of liquid material aging and pharmacological response.