Medical home care atomizer humidifier portable child adult ultrasonic atomizer Medical Nebulizer Handheld Asthma Inhaler Atomize


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Medical Nebulizer Handheld Asthma Inhaler Atomizer for children health care usb mini Portable Nebulizer


Portable atomizer

Quiet, healing

Two-way flow control

Lightweight and portable

Suitable for all ages




Product name: Ultrasonic atomizer

Power: 100-240V AC

Working voltage: DC12V

Ultrasonic frequency: 2.2 MHz

Atomizer size: 0.5-5 microns

Cup capacity: 10ml

Container capacity: 25ml

Automated volume 0.375 ml / min: 20 minutes automatic timing

Automatic volume 0.5ml / min: automatic timing in 10 minutes




When using a large cup for the first time, it is best to pour into the large cup with hot water of about 20 to 60 degrees. You can only use clean water.

The machine itself has no heating function.


Should be used, we send plugs, other plugs do not work properly, hope to understand you.


USB cable and AA battery are supported. You can plug in the USB cable to use the inhaler directly, or you can insert the AA battery to use the inhaler. For transportation reasons, batteries are not allowed to be shipped by air, please prepare them yourself. We recommend that you use a mobile power supply with a USB cable for easy use. Alternatively, you can use AA rechargeable batteries.


Product size: 20 * 12 * 6cm


Product weight: 0.1KG


Material: ABS