LASTEK 808nm Laser Therapy Device for Wound Healing, Prostatitis, Sphagitis, Mastitis Pain Relief Household Use


SKU: 4000516440626
  • Brand Name: zme
  • Origin: China
  • Application: ARM
  • Item Type: Meridian Therapeutic Apparatus
  • Laser wavelength: 33* 650nm & 3* 808nm
  • Laser output power: 615mw
  • Laser Medium: GaA/As Semiconductor Laser
  • Operating Voltage: 100-240V
  • Therapeutic Method: Laser Extra Vascular Irradiation Therapy
  • Product Name: Pain relief pad laser device
  • Application: All kinds of body pain
  • Brand: LASTEK

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Painless,requires no anesthesia
Drug-free,no side effect,non-invasive
It is through professional laboratory research, development and testing.
It is safe to use and has significant effects.
There are many cases of successful treatment.
With At least 10 years of clinical experience.
Patented product,developed by Dr. Ma Ning.

About Dr. Ma Ning
Dr. Ma Ning is the first group of experts in the development of laser therapy equipment in China.
He is the first person to develop and apply home laser acupuncture therapy equipment. More than 50 international and domestic patents.

1.Kinds of body pain:neck pain,back pain,leg pain ,arthritis,muscle pain ,rheumatoid arthritis,keen pain ,fibromyalgia,tendinitis.Redness,swelling,morning stiffness,cervical pain ,lumbar pain.
2.Wound healing.
3.Sports injures rehabilitaation.
5.Good effect for menstrual colic.

1.The 36 Beams Laser Therapy use of two different low-intensity light wavelengths (650 nm, 808 nm) to relieve pain and inflammation associated with many acute and chronic pain disorders.
2. Treatment promotes the body's natural healing and healing processes at the cellular level
3. Proof 93% effective in relieving pain
4. Provide safe alternative drugs as well as surgical and other invasive ways
5. Easy for consumers to use, comfortable and painless
6. Without any medical equipment costs
7. Support improved quality of life

Laser Medium: GaA/ As Semiconductor
Laser Wavelength: 33x 650nm+3x 808nm
Laser Output Power: 615mw
Laser Operating Voltage: 110-240 V
Timing Range: 10-30mins
Environment Temperature: -20°C-40°C
Relative Humidity : ≤85%
Atmospheric Pressure: 86kpa-106kpa
Power Source Use: Lithium battery 3100 mAh
Warranty: one year
Velcro Straps(Bands) Size:
1Pcs 68.5cm/27 inch approx.
1Pcs 116cm/45.6 inch approx.

Product Principle
Semiconductor laser therapeutic utilizes low-intensity laser to irradiate the extensive infected/injured area and acupoints,and then achieves the medical treatment as anti-inflammatory, desensitization, analgesia, restoration, healing and regulation.
There is no side effect during this process.
The technology of this apparatus has overcome the defects of traditional large and expensive products. It is easy to operate,convenient and safe.
It combines LLLT (low level laser therapy) technology with acupuncture theory and creatively put forward “laser acupuncture” instead of the traditional acupuncture needle to relieve the pain of the patients, increase the safety of treatment and greatly improve the treatment effect.

1. Kinds of body pain
LLLT is a non-invasive light source treatment . It is also called photobiology or biostimulation . LLLT is believed to affect the function of cells , accelerate connective tissue repair and anti inflammatory agent .Lasers with 650nm and 808nm are used in the treatment of body pain , and redness ,swelling ,morning stiffness, fibromyalgia , tendinitis etc .

2.Wound healing
Low lever laser stimulate the cell to increase the production of certain enzymes which affect cell proliferation or cell division,thus increasing the healing speed of a wound.

3.Sports injures rehabilitation
LLLT use light photons to irradiate an area of injury to relief pain and promote body's natural healing process. It reduce inflammation and encourage cell reproduction,offering pain relief and treat injures.

Package Content:
1x 36 Beams Laser Pain Relif PAD Treatment Device
2x Velcro Straps
1x Buggy Bag
1x Fixator
1x USB Cable
1x Power Plug
1x English User Manual