Ice Pack Eye Patch Cold Relaxing Soothing Eyes Care Gel Mask Rest Ice Eye Shade Cooler Bag Sleeping Mask Cover


SKU: 32868926391
  • Brand Name: JETTING
  • Type: Eyeshade
  • Eyeshade Type: Ice Eyeshade
  • Work Mode: Eye Cover
  • Material: gel
  • Model Number: ice packs

 Material: antifreeze gel
Specification: ice packs
Hot compress, ice packs from the eye, soak in hot water for 5 to 8 minutes, remove dry, put inside the eye mask, apply to the eyes, effectively relieve eye muscle fatigue, and eliminate edema.
Drive off black rim of the eye
Ice compress: ice packs from the blindfold, soak in cold water, or the refrigerator (according to the degree of personal hobbies like cool and calm, whether decided to put in fresh) wiped out, into the eye mask, apply is in the eye, effectively relieve fatigue, alleviate the pressure of work, effective loosen body and mind.
size:as shown
include:1* ice packs