High quality wholesale custom health care medical inflatable anti-bedsore air mattress fluctuating air mattress

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SKU: 33034726320
  • Material: Environmentally friendly PVC
  • Application: Body
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Model Number: RWM03
  • Type: Bedroom furniture, air
  • General use: Home furniture
  • Color: Blue
  • Product name: Anti-bedsore mattress
  • Size: 200*90*8cm
  • Feature: Fluctuating


Product Instruction

Model No.
Product Name
Anti-bedsore Mattress

1. Air cushion is made of imported medical PVC+PU. It is firm, not hard in winter, not sticky in summer, strong antibacterial, has good waterproof and breathable function, and does not contain any allergens. It can be used with confidence.
2. Multiple air chambers alternately fluctuate, which can give patients continuous massage, promote blood circulation, effectively improve tissue ischemia and hypoxia, and prevent local tissue from being compressed for a long time.
3. Microcomputer control, double tube circulation inflation, and automatically adjust the speed of charge and discharge.
4. The use of fluctuating micro-hole jets is more breathable, antibacterial and dry.
5. Add multi-site magnetic therapy and health care function, which plays a good supporting role for the rehabilitation of patients.
6. With imported pump core and sleep quiet design, it can give patients a quiet and comfortable healing environment.


RW or Customized
1 pc per carton
Strip chamber,Sleep and massage, 
alternating inflation,With Urinal hole,
Microporous jet
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1. When preparing to inflate, the mattress should be flattened. After the mattress is filled with air, it can be used normally. Generally, the first inflating time is about 30 minutes.

2. When inflating, firstly check whether the pressure of the air pump is adjusted to the maximum,whether the extended rubber tube of the mattress is cut with a pair of scissors, it is convenient to match the air pump outlet.
3. Check that the air pipe joints under the mattress are all connected and kept inflated.
4. Because the winter is cool, we can put a thin layer of tweezers on the mattress to keep the patient warm and make the patient more comfortable.
5. Patients over 135KG cannot use this mattress.
6. Pay attention to the pressure control when inflating, and do not exceed the maximum pressure to prevent the airbag from breaking through the pressure.
7. Pay attention to keep the mattress clean and hygienic, often wash the surface with a neutral detergent, pay attention to acid and alkali.
8. Note that there should be no sharp objects on the mattress and the surface of the sheet to prevent the mattress from being pierced.
9. Be careful to keep it clean when using it. Store it in a dry and ventilated place when handling. Pay attention to moisture.

Air Pump Instruction


1. Connect the air hose to the air pump vent.

2. Flatten the air cushion and stretch the hose. Do not twist.

3. Plug in the power and turn the switch to the ON position to turn on the air pump.

4. From 1 to 3 is the gear position, the amount of the knob twisting to the right determines the displacement of the air pump, thus determining the softness and hardness of the air bed.

5.0 is the sleep state, from 1 to 3 is the gear position, the rotation angle to the right determines the displacement of the air pump, which also determines the softness and hardness of the air bed.




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