High Quality Korea Thermal Jade Mattress Tourmaline Mattress Heating Pad Mat Medical Germanium Health Mattress 220V


SKU: 4000902560259
  • Brand Name: binjiully
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Application: Body
  • Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Plug Type: EU Plug
Six Function:
1)Insulation effect: to promote the body maintain proper temperature
2)Contributing role: to promote human growth and development
3)Self-cleaning effect: make the body maintain a balanced supply of nutrients
4)Moisturizing effect, prompting the body to maintain proper moisture
5)Make the body excrete waste, eliminate body odor
6)The resonance effect: the body can break down a variety of nutrients, balanced human nutrition, metabolism
​Product Usage:
1.The mattress spread on the sofa, spread a layer of the mattress
2.Place the thermostat jack power connector to the mattress
3.Put the thermostat input plug into 220V, 50Hz power outlet jack
4.Turn the thermostat switch, thermostat power indicator light on
5. Properly adjusted the thermostat temperature control knob, adjust to the temperature you want,  (the higher the number, the higher the temperature, the recommendations temperature is 2-3 range)
6.When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, the controller enters the automatic adjustment state remains constant
7. If usual temperature below 40 degree, you can stay one day. If high temperature therapy which temperature is above 40 degree, the stay time is 40 minutes.
8. When people leave the timely power off, unplug the power cord
Color: As picture shown        
Product size: 45X45cm
Package Included:
1*Corresponding to Country Plug
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