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1.portable nebulizer
2.Quiet treatment
3.Two airflow control
4.Compact and portable
5.Suitable for all ages people

Important the device in a location protected against environmental influences. The devicemust be stored in the specified ambient conditions.
2.Do not used any liquids that have a viscosity (thickness) greater than as these may demage in irreparably.
3.Do not use any medicines in powder from(even if dissolved) not shake the atomiser,as this may cause liquid to leak,and the device may be damagerd.
5.Unplug from the socket after using the adapter.
6.switch the unit off immediately if it is defective or malfunctioning.
7.The manufacture shall not be held liable for damager or injuries caused by improper or incorrect use.

Follow the steps listed below carefully in order to disnfect your atomizer and the accessories, It is advisable to disinfect the individual components after the last time they are used each day at the laser.
fist clean the atomiser and the accessories as described under “Cleaning”.You can then continue disinfection

Disinfection with hot water 5ML of hot water the medicine.
2.Spray untiill the water inside the medicine runs out


1.manis connection:100-240V,50-60HZ;0.15A
3.Oscillation frequency:100HZ±10%
4.Condensation rate: 0.25ml/mini.
5.Atiomized particles:</=5μm
6.Medication flow rate :approve.0.4ml/mim
8.Product weight:115g±10%
10.Operating conditions:temperature:5℃~40℃;
11.Relative humidity:<80% no-con-densing
12.Operating conditions:temperature:-10℃~45℃;
13.Relative humidity:<80% no-con-densing

Package includes

1 x Mesh Nebulizador
1 x product Manual
1 x package box
1x USB cable
2 x Mask (1 adult size, 1 children size)
1 x Mouthpieces
1xCloth bag(RZ824 model)