Handheld Ultrasonic Nebulizer Portable Mute Asthma Inhaler Atomizer USB Rechargeable Mini Medical Nebulizer For Children Health


SKU: 4000983640419
  • Brand Name: JOULLI
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Model Number: Nebulizer
  • Material: ABS
  • Power Supply: USB Charging
  • Working Time: 20 Times(Totally about 5 Hours)
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • Current: 350mAh
  • Feature: ultrasonic inhalator nebulizer atomizers


1. Handy and lightweight design enable palm size fit and carrying breeze, suitable for both home and travel use.

2. Adopt ultrasonic technology to turn the drug into 3~5μm tiny particles, easily deliver even and fine mist to improve the absorption efficiency of medicine, less residues left.

3. Support one button control, quick to power on/off and adjust the volume of release spray mist according to your demands.

4. Detachable and washable design allows for cleaning convenience and effortless maintain, hygiene and safe.

5. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be directly powered Via USB charging experience, can offer up to 5 hours effective use after fully charged.

6. Smart 15 minutes timing function enables auto shut off, energy saving for continuous enjoyment and free you from constant operation hassle.

7. Equipped with a atomizing mouthpiece and two masks in different size variations, widely suitable for kids and adults for multipurpose applications. 

How to use:                                   

① Press the switch button for 2 seconds,the green-blue light flashing,the inhaler is in the working condition.

② Press the switch again,the light turns blue to indicate the inhaler is on the largest amount of atomization for 15 minute treatment.

③Press the switch button again,the inhaler is on the minimum amount of atomization for 15 minute treatment.

④ When charging,green light will flash,when green light stop flashing,the inhaler is fully charged.

⑤ When lack of power,the green-blue light become weaker than normal,please recharge the inhaler

⑥ Press on the switch button for 3 seconds,the device turn off.the device will be turn off automatically without any operation in 20 seconds.Press the switch button can back to atomization

Use common sense:

The correct use of ultrasonic atomization, so as to play the role of the product, because many people will not use it correctly even the so-called doctors are also ignorant. Make the use of ultrasonic atomizer greatly reduced:

1. Because the ultrasonic atomized particles are much smaller than the air pressure type, they can actually reach the affected part of the respiratory system, even the lung bronchus, which is an undisputed scientific fact (those who say that the air pressure type particles are small are ignorant and deceived People, wise people can do their own experiments, which is why almost all gas pressure atomizers dare not detect particles). Disadvantages 1. Because of the strict requirements of ultrasonic atomization for the large-volume inhalation of ultrasonic gas, not all medical liquids can be atomized. This is because some of the large particles of medical liquid atomization are not suitable for ultrasonic atomization, so it will cause mist Small, this may require the use of air pressure, high-pressure compressed gas can spray out large particles of liquid medicine.

2. If the drug solution contains syrup or colloidal solution, it is not suitable to use ultrasonic atomization, but if conditions permit, you can buy clean filter paper for chemical experiments to filter out impurities, so the effect will be good.

3. If the drug solution is dissolved by tablets, the impurities must be dissolved before dissolving. If there are oily impurities on some surfaces, suck them with a clean paper towel. Only in this way can the fog come out, otherwise the fog is very small or even no fog. You can observe the dissolved drug solution carefully. If you use air pressure atomization, accidentally spray these useless impurities together because you want to make a tablet , All contain starch or colloid with no medicinal effect, so as to make a piece of tablets, such as the liquid medicine is also mostly added with other ingredients, made into syrup suitable for taste, etc. In fact, the ingredients that are really useful are almost all aqueous solutions that dissolve in water. Intravenous injection can be directly atomized 3. The amount of ultrasonic atomization as long as 10 to 30% of the injection or eating can be searched online for experimental proof.
Note: (Why the hospital chooses the air pressure type, everyone understands the hospital’s space environment, and disposable catheter accessories