Beurha 6ML Adult Child Inhaler Cup Parts Medicine Tank Cup Compressor Nebulizer Accessary Atomized Spray Injector New Best


SKU: 32838591987
  • Brand Name: Beurha
  • Origin: China
  • Model Number: NC180302

CPacakge include: 1 *6ML  Inhaler Cup 

Application: For replacement atomizer cup for compressor nebulizer.
Suitable for air compressor nebulizer, the use of hydraulic may form a 5 micron particle atomization, common in Europe, US regulations, British regulations, GB. Nebulizer nebulizer cup is commonly used supplies from non-toxic PP material (PP material is generally used to make boxes, cups, medical supplies, etc.) are made, we recommend one cup for one person only, can not be used interchangeably to avoid secondary infections!  Repeated use is not recommended in order to avoid the occurrence of liquid material aging and pharmacological response.