8pcs ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster Herbal Medical Plaster Urological Patches Male Prostatic Treatment Health Care Chinese Medicine

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  • Brand Name: ZB
  • Model Number: Prostate Patches
  • size: 8pcs=2Boxes

package: 1pc=1bag. 4pcs=4bags with retailbox

Main Ingredients:

Cattail pollen,cyathula officinalis kuan,safflower,cinnamon,corydailis pyrrosia leaf,plant agoasiatical,borneol

Product Function:

Relieve discomfort caused by chronic prostatitis

How to use: Procedure of Prostatic Plaster Treatment

1. Clean the navel area with water
2. Open the pouch
3. Get the plaster out and remove the attached paper from one side
4. Apply plaster with its adhesive side down to navel
5. One patch can be used for 2-3 days
6. Remove plaster and clean the skin
7. Repeat the procedure in 24 hours.
8. Treatment consists of 4 plasters.
9. The best results are achieved after 3-6 treatments (12-24 plasters)

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