8Pcs/lot Tiger Balm Pain Relief Ceam Medical Plaster Chinese Patches for Neck Wrist Back Muscle Pain Care Health Patch

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  • Brand Name: Sumifun


Suit for :

Cervical spondylosis, bone hyperplasia,   back muscle pain, knee joint pain, frozen neck shoulders, wrist pain, arm fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis  and and other pain diseases




Far IR ceramic powder    Medical PSA    Non-woven    Release paper

(Far IR ceramic powder): Absorbs the body's energy, and emit infrared light waves, thereby improving the human microcirculation and enhance cell activity



How to Use:

1.Clean and dry affected area
2.Remove the plastic backing and apply to the area
3.Patch can be used for 1 day and a course of treatment is 7 days



Do not use:


1. pregnant woman  
2. Skin has trauma, infection and ulceration 






If you appear Allergic symptoms such as Inflamed and  blisters, please stop using at once