5 Pcs/lot Disposable 1000ML Urine Collector Bag Urine Bag Medical Latex Sleeve Type Male Drainage Bag

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SKU: 4000926123290
  • Brand Name: KuZHEN
  • Material: 1000ml
  • Quantity: 5PCS
  • Model Number: Disposable Urine Bag


Product details
[Product performance structure and composition]: Set the bag by a lug, reservoir fluid bags, drainage pipes, fittings, urine sets, drainage, security guards caps and other components

[Note] This product has been sterilized, valid for two years.
This product is a single-use product, it will be pocketed by the body, drainage catheters, hanging ring, pagoda joints, urinary sets, drain pipe, protective plug components.
Use: for male urinary incontinence, coma, paralysis, brain concussion, stroke, surgery, postoperative urine collection reservoir purposes, can also be used in older inconvenience urinate urine collection purposes.

Specifications: 1000ml


Package include:5X Disposable Urine Bag