20g Chinese Medical Skin White Spot Ointment Pigment Melanin Promoting Liniment Vitiligo Leukoplakia Disease Treatment

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  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • name1: Chinese Medical Vitiligo Ointment
  • name2: Skin White Spot Cream
  • name3: Leukoplakia Disease Treatment
  • name4: Skin White Spot Treatment

20g Chinese Medical Vitiligo Ointment Pigment Melanin Promoting Liniment Skin White Spot Leukoplakia Disease Treatment

Note: This product does not come with a packaging box, and comes with a Chinese manual. For details, see the product description on the detail page.

Product Manual

[Name] Vitiligo Ointment
[Main ingredients] Alcohol, glacial acetic acid, miconazole, allantoin, bronopol, deionized water, etc.
[Properties] This product is a white or off-white ointment with an emulsion base;
[Applicable to] Day shift symptoms on face, neck, back of hands, etc.;
[Usage and Dosage] For external use, after cleaning the loyal part, apply the product evenly to the affected area, massage it slightly, 1-2 times a day, please continue to use it after the effect is effective to consolidate the effect;
[Storage] airtight preservation
[Shelf Life] Two years
[Health License Number] (Yu) Wei Xiaozheng Zi (2014) No. 0057
[Executive standard] Q/NYKL 026-2003