1pcs Magnetic Neck Support Tourmaline Belt Magnet Therapy Self-heating Brace Wrap Neck Protect Band Massager Belt Health Care


SKU: 32920632005
  • Brand Name: googooms
  • Material: Cotton, ABS
  • Model Number: ST1433#M9
  • Effect: Bone Care
  • Item Type: Braces & Supports

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New Arrival Spontaneous Heating Neck Support

1.Hot compress therapy
2.Magnet conservation
3.Stay away from neck discomfort pain /stiffness/ chills

Efficacy diagram

1.Stay away from cervical spine tenderness pain/stiffness /chills
2.Hot compress therapy
3.Magnet conservation
4.Keep Warm
*5 magnets/8 magnets: More magnets for better results
*Heating surface: Enlarged heating surface. fast thermal efficiency
*Human body Soothes neck discomfort

Do you have the following questions?

1.Prolonged bowing: stiff neck
2.Face the computer for a long time: neck and shoulder soreness
3.Caused by wet and cold environment:
cold of cervical spine
4.Caused by housework fatique:cervical discomfort

*4 main functions :
1.Fever physiotherapy
2.Acupoint magnet
3.Warm and comfortable
4.Fits to the neck

Cervical compress

General does not hurt,

Before and After

1.Before wearing a neck brace:Infrared image shows less heat
2.After wearing neck brace for a while:Fever array and magnetism cause obvious fever

Acupoint magnet

Acupoint magnets to improve microcirculation

This is how magnets work

The magnetic field affects the current distribution of the human body and the orientation of the magnetic moment of the biopolymer which improves the neck magnetic field and the health of the neck.

Warm fabric for skin comfort

Warm fleece keep the temperature, keep warm and comfortable.