1Pcs 20g Burn Scar Repair Cream Analgesic Ointment Wound Care Repair Anti-infection Chinses Herbal Medical Skin Care Plaster

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  • Brand Name: Sumifun
  • Model Number: P1126
  • Application: Body
  • Feature: Burning Snake Oil,Pain Relief
  • package: 1pcs without box
  • Net weight: 20g
  • Function 1: Burn
  • Function 2: Scald


  • The purple flower burn ointment consists of comfrey, rehmannia, rehmannia root, borneol, berberine, pepper, licorice and angelica.
  • This product is an ointment of emulsified matrix, which is fragrant and has a cool feeling.
  • It has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, relieving phlegm and detoxifying, and relieving pain and muscle.
  • It is responsible for all kinds of burning, scalding, ulceration, suppuration, etc.
  • It is used for mild water and fire burns.

Package :1 pcs ointment

Net weight :20g

Product Category:Body Cream

Shelf life:2 years

Efficacy:nutrient moisturizing, lifting firming

Scope of application :for burns and complicated swelling, bruising, pain and so on.


For external use, apply proper amount of this product to the affected area 3-4 times a day. The wound has been ulcerated, 6-8 times a day to the more.


Burns and burns are extremely vulnerable to anaerobic bacteria, so do not tightly wrap the wounds as much as possible after using this product.

1. Immediately after the application of pain, the patient feels comfortable, the exudate is gradually reduced, and other painkillers can be avoided.
2. Promote wound healing and shorten the course of treatment.
3. For small-area third-degree burns, there is no skin grafting. There is no obvious scar after wound healing, and there is no contracture deformity.
4. For infected deep burn wounds, there is a good effect of accelerating decompression, myogenic and long skin.
5. Has a strong bactericidal ability, can reduce the occurrence of sepsis after application.

1. This product is for external use and is not allowed to be taken orally.
2. Do not touch the mucous membranes such as eyes and mouth.
3. Pregnant women should use it with caution.
4. The area of water and fire burns is large and should go to the hospital for treatment.
5. Scalding topical medication must be clean and clean, in the clean environment it is best to use exposure therapy.
6. Children must be under the supervision of an adult.
7. Keep this product out of the reach of children.