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  • Brand Name: marisc
  • Model Number: Pain Relief Medical Plaster
  • Application: Body
  • name: wu du mi fang tie
Product Name: Far infrared Chinese herbal medicine painkiller plaster
Specification: 8Pcs per bag
Package: 160Pcs=20bags
Shelf life: 2years
Structure and Material: Consist of far IR ceramic powder,medical PSA,non-woven,release paper etc.
Far IR emission wavelength is 8um-15um.
Suitable Scope: Adjuvant  treatment  for Cervical  spondylosis , Shoulder periarthritis, Rheumatic arthritis, Hype rtrophic  osteoarthropathy , Lumbar disc herniation, Injuries from falls, Fractures, Contusions and strains, Arthralgia, Lumbar muscle strain etc.
Principle of treatment: Through local application and acupoint application.The negative charge of the treatment layer of aggregation  ion can make tlocal tissue  under the continuous action of the electrostatic field, improve local microcirculation and skin permeability,promote the blood circulation,  and activate the tissue cells. The excitation effect of the meridian point moxibustion, Dredge the meridians, Regulating pain.
How to Use:
1.Clean and Wipe dry the area where you want pain relief.
2.Bend the patch and remove the film to expose the adhesive side.Apply the adhesive side  directly on the skin in the affected area.
3.If the pain is persistent 12-24 hours after the first patch,you can continue to paste the  second patch.
4.There should be an interval of 3-5 hours before using the next plaster and remove the  first patch before applying a new one.
5.One plaster can be used for 12-24 hours.4-5 times per week.
1.Only for external use, never take orally.
2.Children use our products should be under adult supervision.
3.Contraindicated in pregnancy, do not use on skin wounds,skin ulcers, and skin infections.

4.Stop use if you have allergic reactions.