12pcs Foot Care Medical Plaster Wart Remover Pads Foot Corn Removal Calluses Plantar Warts Thorn Patch Health Care Pain Relief


SKU: 4000682589473
  • Brand Name: AIWYCH
  • Model Number: y9
  • Application: Foot
  • Type: Feet Core Removal Plaster


The corn plaster is produced by chinese traditional medicie and advanced technology. The corn plaster with hole can reduce the pain of your corn by reducing the friction of your corn with shoes. It is a better solution for the people who suffers from the sore spot.


Reduce friction and pressure on painful callus,corn,blister and give immediate pain relief.

Using method:
External use only for adults over 16 years old.
Before the use will affected area soaks 10 minutes with the hot water, Wipe dry. Tear off the cover film of the product, posted on affected area. every day one piece , one plaster for 24 hours.
after 5-7 days,If the affected area softening become white,and feel a little pains,(Should first remove the white softened layer).If you do not find the phenomenon above, can be extended with time, until the corns all fall off so far

1.For this product allergic to disable
2.The skin is rotten broken to disable
3.Pregnant and lactating women with caution
4.Under 16 years: not recommended except on medical advice
This product is by the anti sticking layer, a back lining layer, gel layer composition, with cold compress therapy to relieve the pain. To promote the recovery of the body.

Size: approx 2*7cm

Package include: 12pcs warts remove pads