10Pcs/sheet Magnetic Acupuncture Therpy Plaster Pain Relief Patch Back Pain Lumbar Disc Herniation Joint Pain health Massage

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600 Gauss acupressure magnets with self adhesive “cloth-bandage” style backing
Patches are used to lengthen the positive effects of acupressure and acupuncture treatments
The evidence that magnets reduce pain in inconclusive
The gauss is the unit of measurement of a magnetic field, which is also known as the “magnetic flux density” or the “magnetic induction.”

Magnetic therapy use :Magnetic therapy, is the use of magnets and the electromagnetic fields they produce to help create a beneficial environment that promotes the body’s own healing processes.

Package Included:
1Sheet Magnetic Patches(10 Magnet)

It is normal to feel slightly itchy the spreading of medical bio cream through the skin.
For hypersensitive skin, pasting on the same accupoints is not preferred and those with injured or allergic skin, pregnant women.