100% Real Natural Black Jade Sibin Bian Stone Needle Byanshi Bianshi SI Bin Hand Row Brief Bracelet Health Care


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Material: Natural obsidian needle contains natural far-infrared rays. It can promote human microcirculation through wearing or natural friction, and has the functions of dredging meridians, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.
After each bead is screened, it is chained into a bracelet with a stretch rope.
Health:Wearing stone needle bianshi bracelet, massage your wrists with beads to promote blood circulation, improve immunity and anti-aging.
Natural stone has different shapes of white or yellow texture, which belongs to natural formation, is not crack, and has more value for viewing and collection.

Material: Natural Black Stone Needle&
Suit for crowd:women or man
Size:as shown
Black Stone Needle (Bianshi) jewelry contains natural far-infrared rays. Through the natural friction of wearing, it resonates with water molecules in human tissue cells, forming a warming effect to promote subcutaneous tissue temperature rise, dilating capillaries, enhancing blood circulation, promoting metabolism, and activating tissues. Cells that strengthen the immune system. Therefore, wearing a stone jewelry is a health guard.

What are the applicable groups of meteorite bracelets?
1. Suitable for people who use computers, mobile phones or other electromagnetic radiation equipment for a long time;
2. People who work faster and have a nervous state for a long time;
3, poor blood circulation; waist, shoulders and neck are easy to stiff or painful;
4, people with great mental stress and need to continue to relax and restore their spirit;
5, often insomnia, lack of energy, need to improve energy and physical strength;
6, low immunity, need to improve physical fitness;
7, there are corresponding diseases, need to be adjunctive treatment.

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Package includes: 1 bracelet